Database Migration Service Prerequisites

To successfully migrate a database using DMS we need these components:

  • The Source is the database you wish to move data from
  • The Target is the database you’re moving data to
  • The Replication Instance processes the migration tasks and requires access to your source and target endpoints inside your VPC.
    • Replication instances come in different sizes depending on your performance needs.
  • The Migration Task defines the actual workload, and requires the 3 components above.
  • If you’re migrating to a different database engine, AWS Schema Conversion Tool can generate the new schema for you.

In this section of the lab you will:

  • Logon to the AWS console and create a DMS Replication Instance, Endpoints (Source & Target) and create a Migration Task.
  • After the migration completes, you will come back to EC2 instance and verify the newly replicated tables in Amazon Aurora from MySQL Workbench.